Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ruffle Necklace

Here is a great and inexpensive way to dress up your wardrobe! A little frill goes along way and so does saving your money! High end boutiques are selling these necklaces for $95.00 and I will show you how to make them for about $5.00 in just 7 easy steps!

Today's tutorial: Ruffle Necklace
Supplies needed:
-ribbon or strip of fabric measuring approx. 9" in length and 2" in width (measure to your  liking!)
-sewing machine
-needle and thread 
-chain ( I bought mine at an estate sale for $2)
-button or other embellishing object
-loop turner

Step 1:
If you are using synthetic ribbon, you will want to melt the edges to prevent from fraying. If you are using fabric, I personally like the frayed look so you may want to keep edges raw!

Step 2:
Sew the edges under so that they are not exposed

Step 3:
Fold ribbon or fabric over so that the top comes down to middle of the ribbon. (If you want a double ruffle, simply fold in half) and sew to make a pocket.

Here is what it should look like:

Step 4: 
Use your loop turner to pull chain through the pocket you just sewed. 

Insert loop turner all the way through pocket and attach one end of chain to loop turner. Pull chain through so that the chain is fed completely through pocket.

Here is what it should look like:

Step 5:
Push sides of ribbon or fabric down to desired length to create a ruffle.

Step 6:
Take a needle and thread and stitch the back of the ribbon to the chain to hold ruffle in place. Be careful not to go through to the front of your ribbon or fabric with your stitch because you will not want the stitch to show.

Step 7:
Find any kind of embellishing object such as a button, an old earring, a broach or decorative bead.

Attach embellishment anywhere on necklace that you like.

Ta-Da You are done! Great job! 

I would love to see any finished projects! Please email photos to me at You can also reach me at this address with any questions! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Embellishing Project #1

My first project from the "Embellishing Techniques and Projects" book is complete!  I am actually happy with the outcome for once! Usually, I will make something and then toss it into the pile of clothes to be taken to the thrift store because I don't like the final result. I was surprised at how simple, inexpensive and fast it was to do. If you are looking to update an old piece of clothing this is a really easy way to do it! No sewing machine necessary!

Here is a picture from the book used as inspiration:
The idea is to use vintage/antique embroidered linens and use them as an applique to a garment. So cute!

The book shows beading around the floral and ribbon applique, but I opted not to go that route since it doesn't really fit my style. I love how the edges are frayed!

I started with this linen table runner and cut it apart.  

Here is the end result!

I used iron-on fabric adhesive to attach it and then I hand stitched around the applique with embroidery thread, which is really easy to do!

A little detail on the back because a pretty goodbye is just as important as a hello! 

I found the linen shirt by Converse at Target for $4.95! The linen table runner was at an antique store for $4.00. Embroidery thread is .35 cents. 
Total cost of project:
Total time to complete project:
1.5 hours

You can't beat that!


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