Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post: Love Script Necklace Tutorial, by Megan

I have been receiving a lot of emails in regards to the gauge of the necklace. I recommend using either an 18 or 16 gauge wire. Please remember that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire is. Choose wisely depending on the word you wish to form. Thanks for your patience and support!

Got the Monday/post holiday blues? No worries because today is a special day! Why? Because I get to showcase one heck of a gal! Allow me to introduce you to the ever so talented and charming Megan Lewis of Four Girlies. Yep, that's right folks. Not only is she creative and lovely in every sense of the word, but she is the mother to 4 beautiful daughters - A stellar mother, at that! Seriously folks - the kind of mom I aspire to be! A big round of applause for Megan, please!

Hello I am Megan, a mother of four girlies that keep me busy. I love to get my creative juices flowing and making stuff. Sometimes I think that I use crafting and creating as therapy, but I mostly do it because my girlies love it and we work on things together. 
Today I am happy to be showing you my tutorial on my 
Love Script Necklace

Materials that you will need:
-chain of your choice (a great way to refashion an old necklace!)
-2 jump rings
- 16 gauge wire
-round nose or needle nose pliers

First, you will want to find a cursive font on your computer. It's important to find a font that connects all the letters together. Once you have selected a font, print it out at your desired font size. 
(Don't have a good cursive font on your computer? Go here to download some great free fonts!)

Now you can lay your wire out over the text and form your wire to your font.

Next, attach the jump rings to each side of your letter and to each end of your chain

Finally, finish with a clasp of some sort and wear!

The options are endless you could spell anything.
I have made a few personalized necklaces for gifts too!


Want to see more of Megan's skilled work? 

Just check out her tutorial on her light letters

How about this adorbs tent she made for her girlies?

And be sure to check out Megan's blog for some seriously unique and creative party ideas! With four daughters in the home, there are bound to be some good times. Like this cereal party! Be still my beating heart! CEREAL PARTY!!??? Indeed! 


Thank you big time to Megan of Four Girlies for gracing the cyber pages of H is for Handmade! It's an honor and a pleasure! 


Friday, March 23, 2012

March DIY Club - Terrariums!

Last night was our monthly DIY club and I have to say that this craft was one of my favorites! Our project this month was terrariums! I think I really liked it because it brought on a nostalgia of summer with the smells of soil and sand, the varying shades of green in all the various plants - a sign of life and existance, of thriving and flourishing! I have Spring fever in a bad way so this event was just what I needed to remind me that it is now here. Officially! 

Everyone was in charge of bringing their own supplies, which included:
-glass container
-decorative items (miniature deer, rabbits, owls etc..)
(soil and sphagnum moss were provided by Nicole)

Rounding up these items was just as fun as making them, as I got to dig in my garden and pull up some of my very own succulents that have been neglected during the long winter months! For the other items, I got to stroll the isles full of plants and supplies at the nursery. I may have even teared up at the faint smell of fertilizer with the anticipation of warmer weather and blue skies! If I am ever having a bad day, I can always find healing and happiness in the garden department at Home Depot or my local nursery!

(I forgot my camera, so crappy phone photos will have to do!) 
We had a great turnout with about 15 women! So many tiny plants and pretty glass containers!

Nicole getting dirt under her nails! 

Karisa trying to place her plants just right!

Meet my new friend, Megan! She made multiple terrariums...all of which were totally fab! She gets to take them home to all four of her daughters, whom I'm quite sure will love them! She has a cute blog - please be sure to check it out!

The terrariums ranged from tropical to desert. I loved seeing all the different varieties!

Amy shows off her desert scene with all the sand layers and brightly colored cacti! 

ME! I did more of a high desert scene. My container was a trifle dish with a lid and it worked perfectly! I liked the idea of a lid because it works as a greenhouse and you rarely have to water it. The plants will just keep recycling the moisture in the container. 

 I was so excited to get it home and see it on my dining table! I loved how it turned out and what a difference it has made in the room! 

As you can see by the layers, there is a bit of a science to it. The layers shown are: (bottom to top) 
1) 1.5" of rock for drainage
 2) thin layer of charcoal for filtering moisture
3) 1" sphagnum moss to hold moisture in and to keep soil from sinking into the rocks 
4) 3" of soil for root growth
5) plants 

If you are interested in making your own terrarium, check out these great sites for a how-to, maintenance and list of supplies:

 There are a lot of different ways of making a terrarium, depending on if you are using a closed container -vs- an open container so make sure you do your your homework! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Multiple Vase Centerpiece - Tutorial

If there is one thing my soul is needing needing right is sunshine! I want to Springtime to be here. NOW! We have been fortunate enough to have a mild winter here in Utah, but I am still craving the warmer days that allow us to ride bikes, take late night strolls through the neighborhood and above all, to see the beautiful colors that spring and summer gift us with! Since we are still a few months away from the warm and color filled days of spring, I decided to make something to help brighten up the inside of our home instead!  

A multi-vase centerpiece! 

Materials that you will need:
-various sizes and shapes of vases 
-a large plate 
-spray primer
-spray paint in desired color
-super glue (make sure the glue is specific to what your vases are made of: ceramic, glass, metal...)

I first went to my local thrift store and selected a variety of vases that I liked the shape and size of. I choose glass and plastic to work with, but I think tin or metal would work well, too! 

After I found my vases, I then selected a plate with a large enough flat surface to fit all the vases on. I had to try out a few as some of them had larger rims that wouldn't allow to vases to sit flat. 
This plate SCREAMS 1989! I so remember this decorating trend from my childhood!

When I was at the thrift store, I saw that the vases were priced anywhere from $3.00 - .50. I can see how this project would get pricey so make sure you select one's that won't break your pocketbook!

First, start by soaking your vases in warm water with dish soap. You will want to remove any film or buildup on your vases so that your primer has a clean surface to adhere to. I wasn't sure if I could put them in the dishwasher as some porcelains and glass won't stand up to the heat. Plus, you will find there is A LOT or crap inside of used vases that you will need to get at by hand! 

HINT: CLICK! Arrange your vases onto your plate to your approval, and then take a picture of it. This will allow you refer to the photo and place them back the way you like after the pieces have been painted and glued without any wonder or worry of how you had them set up previously!

Now apply your spray primer. It should only take 2 coats at the most. Remember that primer is NOT paint so it will go on thin and won't give it "color". It simply needs to create a bondable surface for your paint. Allow ample time for your primer to dry (refer to directions on can) and then apply your spray paint. It took 3 coats or paint for a few of my pieces, as they had darker images or color that needed to be covered up. 

You are now ready to apply the glue to the bottom of the vases and placed onto your plate. This is where your photo comes in handy! Let dry.

Once your glue has dried, use a cup to fill each vase with water and add your beautiful blooms! 

**Hope this project brings a little color and warmth into your home this winter!**

P.S. Wash by hand with a soft cloth and warm water when done using. Remember: Anything handmade is to be hand washed! 

Cost of materials:
Vases - $2.50
Plate - $.50
Primer - $4.50
Spray Paint - already had on hand ($0)
glue - already had on hand ($0)
Total: $7.50

Loved your visit! Until next time...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Ideas

So, who's ready to seize the new year?! Any big plans? Anything exciting coming your way in 2012? Do you have any DIY projects on your resolutions list? Any craft challenges you want to tackle? As for me, there is always a mile long list of projects that call my name, new skills to learn and ideas that need to be  transferred from head to hand. After going through some of my bookmarks and Pinterest (of course, Pinterest!) I found some ideas that I need to start right away!

I have never been a fan of creating resolutions or goals that are to be kept throughout the year, but rather place myself in events or circumstances that will still leave me with a sense of accomplishment. Things that I have longed to do for quite some time but have not yet pushed myself to do. That is why this idea from Delia Creates is right up my alley! We made a bucket list of things we wanted to experience over the past summer, and I can honestly say that it was the BEST 3 months (it's a short season in Utah!) in our family! We were active, spontaneous and always had something to do thanks to our little list. I like the idea of using the clothes pins for either seasonal ideas or for a year long wish list!

Making the memories is important, but remembering them is JUST as important! This gem of an idea comes from Brooke Reynolds of Inchmark. Brooke is the Senior Art Director for Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Kids. She says "I started writing down the funnier moments of the day. I keep a jar on my desk, and when the kids say something particularly worthy or recording, I grab and scrap of paper and I quickly jot it down." Such a great way to capture those opportune moments that we would otherwise soon forget! I think it would so fun to read them all out loud come the next New Year's day to reflect on the moments that made us smile throughout the past year! 

Caroline (pronounced: Caro-Leen) of Armelle Blog came up with a great way to reuse, repurpose and recycle your old calendar. She simply cut out the graphic from her old calendar by using a die cutter and glued it onto a new piece of paper and template that she printed out from her computer! I have the pleasure of knowing Caroline personally and can honestly say that she is a creative genius!  Be sure to follow her blog and check out her Etsy shop to see all her jewelry creations - you will not be disappointed! 

Happy New Year to all of you and as always, thanks for reading and keeping this blog alive and well! I sure do enjoy all that it is! 



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