Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thanks and Take a Peek!

Today I am featured over at Whatever Dee Dee Wants with my DIY kid's placemat. I am participating in her Terrific Tuesdays series. Each Tuesday throughout the summer, she presents a kid friendly craft to not only help keep the wee ones occupied on those long summer days, but also to help parents devote their time and attention their kids...and just their  kids! I really love this concept because I firmly believe in the saying, "To a child, Love is spelled T-I-M-E." Making memories with our children is crucial and if you can rid your summer of those dreaded words, "I'm bored", then it's double the points! If they don't want to make art, I'm sure the garden always needs to be weeded! 


Also, I have a few things on my to do list this week. Or should I call it my "get to do" list, because really, making this stuff is a privilege - not a chore!  I went through my bookmarks, new and old, and gathered together some pretty little projects. I think I will go ahead and share my list with you today!

Custom paper tape by Just Something I Made

This very simple tutorial for a lace shirt from One Pearl Button found over at My Girl Thursday. You will squeal when you see how easy it is to make this! 

Scallop cut offs found at Green Eggs and Ham. I love me some scallops! 

Decorating with masking tape! Brilliant ideas found at How About Orange.

Make your own sugar cubes with this tutorial from Nifty Thrifty Things

Obsessing over these fabric covered pots by Lavender and Limes

Loved your visit! Until next time...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hand Towel Apron With Zipper - Tutorial

The ladies in my family have this REALLY stellar tradition where we save up all our money/gift cards that we received at Christmas, made from craft shows or was returned from paid taxes and together we go on an all day shopping adventure! While we like to buy a few things for ourselves, we also like to pick up ideas for future craft projects along the way! As we stroll the isles of merchandise and finger through the racks of clothes, we often find ourselves saying, "I can make that for so much less!" We get a lot of inspiration for anything that would make life a little more pleasant and more affordable by doing it ourselves! With that being said...

I present to you the "apron with zipper attached hand towel"!
Step 1: Wear your apron.  Step 2: Unzip your dirty towel from apron  Step 3: Wash your dirty towel! 

I spotted a this nifty design in a fancy boutique and it had a price tag of $40.00. Pleeeaaase! I loved the concept because really, that is all I use my aprons for: wiping my hands, drying off a spoon or dabbing my little one's messy mouth after his licked the brownie batter out of the bowel. But I knew I could easily make it for less than $15.00. And that I did!
It only requires a few inexpensive materials, some of which you probably already have on hand!

Materials that you will need:
hand towel
separating zipper
existing apron ( to be used as a template or to be refashioned!)
1 yard of fabric (if you don't have an apron to refashion)
Sewing machine

Before I get started on the tutorial, there are a few hints that are going to help you tremendously! I learned them by trial and error, so you can thank me later for saving you so much time and hassle! 

**Please read before beginning this project!!**
First: Find out what sizes and colors of zippers your local or closest sewing center carries. Make a physical or mental note of it and shop for your hand towel. Make sure you buy a hand towel in a length that is the same length as a standard zipper. Remember that zippers are measured from component to component - not from the ends of the fabric. 
Second: For some reason, stores do not like to carry long length zippers in fashionable and fun colors. At least where I live (dang you, Utah!). I ended up using a 27" basic black zipper because I gave up trying to find something better! What I'm trying to say is, "good luck finding a 31.5" hot pink zipper!"
Third: When buying a hand towel, take your measuring tape with you because often times, the size of the towel is not printed on the tag. I noticed most towels varied between the sizes of 25"-30" in length. 
Fourth: Buy a zipper and then choose your fabric last. Find one that matches both your zipper and towel. Trust me on this. I started with my fabric choice and after returning 3 towels, 2 zippers and searching 5 sewing centers, I almost gave up! 

Let's get started! If you are either using an existing apron to refashion, or are making a new by using an existing apron as a template, you will want to lay it out and then take your hand towel and line up the bottom of it, to the bottom of your apron. This will show you how long the fabric part of the apron will need to be. (my hand towel happened to be the exact same length as my template apron - PURE COINCIDENCE!)

After finding the length, either cut off the bottom of your apron, allowing enough material for a seam or if you are making a new one, fold under and pin the apron. This will be used as your template.

If you are making a new apron, lay your template on top of your fabric and cut out with enough material around the edges for a seam allowance. Lay your hand towel down to see if your widths are measuring up, if needed. 

If you are refashioning an existing apron, simply hem the bottom and skip the next step as it does not apply to you! 

Fold all edges under (twice for a more finished look!) and press with a hot iron then sew.

Once all your edges have been hemmed, you are ready to sew your zipper on. Separate your zipper and sew one side onto the bottom of your apron, and one side to the top of your hand towel. I chose the ever easy and trendy "exposed zipper" method. 

Next, use your fabric scraps to make and sew on a strap for the neck and for the ties. And you are finished! 

My cost:
fabric: $4.00 (on sale at Hancock Fabrics)
towel: $3.00 (on sale at Target)
zipper $3.00 (from local fabric shop)
total: $10.00!!!!

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, you pricey Boutique you! 

*I love link parties! Click HERE to see who I've partied with this week!*

Loved your visit! Until next time...


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