Thursday, April 29, 2010

April Giveaway!

*This giveaway is now closed*

As we say goodbye to April, I would like to have you say hello to this little gem! Keri Smith has once again created another great "book" and has ever since sent my mind soaring with all the pages inside the bright crimson cover! "This Is Not A Book" is just what it says. Don't expect to open it and read a glorious and alluring tale of far away journeys. Instead, you are the main character in a series of dares, experiments and events. This is a journal about breaking out of the normal, testing your creativity and forcing you to feel the effects of it all. It's wonderful and hilarious!

Here are just a few of my favorite excerpts from the engaging 221 pages:
There are days that I wish I could relive over and over again. There are also days that I wish to never happen again. And, it would be nice to read about both.

I love the thought of leaving something of mine in a secret location, a proof of my presence and a possible gift to an unexpected visitor!

I can think of so many destinations that will be remarkably therapeutic behind these window panes.

I think the phrase "all will be shaped by your imagination" is a little intimidating but yet a little comforting and I like it very much!

So here is how you enter for the giveaway:
(sorry, but I have to have rules!)
1) You must be a U.S. resident
2) You must have an active blog....with posts!
3) Leave me a comment.
4) Becoming a follower of this blog gets you an additional entry. Simply leave me a separate comment telling me that you did so.
5) Become a fan of H is for Handmade on Facebook and you will get another extra entry! Leave a separate comment for this one, too.
6) When posting comments, please make sure that I know how to get in contact with you if you happen to win.
This giveaway will close on Wednesday 5/5/2010 at 11:59 p.m. MST

Good luck to all of you! I am so excited to send this out! I would also love the winner to email me photos of their experiments! I have one too, so maybe together we can even start our own "This Is Not A Book" club and discuss how wickedly cool this journal has made us!? 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Flowers and Stripes - Tutorial

Yes, there is yet another post about flowers! I love them and I can't get enough of them! But the one thing I am loving just as much as flowers these days: Stripes! 

I have gotten a few emails and have also been asked the question, "Where do you like to draw your inspiration from?" The answer is, "Everywhere". 

I recently purchased this rug and have since fallen so madly in love with it! I told my husband that I wanted to wear the rug around town- that is just how much I loved it! 

So then the thought occurred to me that I could easily create something similar that wouldn't draw as much attention as a poncho made from a rug, and that the attention that it would draw, would probably be for better reasons. 

I started with this simple stripe shirt I purchased at Target for $12.99. Stripe T's are everywhere right now and it really shouldn't be too hard to find one. Nautical is all the rage so you might as well jump on board! No pun intended! 

I then went to my local fabric store and purchased a fat quarter. I wanted a fabric with large clusters of flowers in colors that would add just enough contrast to the black and white stripes.

I applied Heat-n-Bond to the back of my fat quarter. 
What is Heat-n-Bond, you ask? It's only your very best friend, is what it is!

I then cut out the flowers in their clusters which made small individual iron-on's.

Next, I positioned them onto the shirt where I thought they looked best, peeled the backing off and ironed them on.

And then, I was done. It was so simple!

Don't forget about the back!
Total cost of project: $15.00
Total time to complete project: 30 minutes

No heavy poncho and no sewing. I win!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Window Display Wonderment!

I took a little hiatus from the blogging world so that I could get a special little side project done! You see, before I became a mommy, I used to be on the Visual Merchandising team for Nordstrom and decorating the store windows each month was a fabulous part of the job. I absolutely loved it! So of course I was thrilled when the owners of the Lucille Elaine boutique asked me to design their window display for the Spring and upcoming Summer months. I was honored and so very thrilled! Thank you to Meg and Kim for giving me the chance to add my creativity to your already amazing store! I had a lot of fun doing this! Now, 34 flowers later, it is done!

Isn't this place so cute?

Fashion Place Mall
Murray, UT
(next to Nordstrom)
P.S. Aside from selling all the really great garb inside the store, they also do custom made wedding gowns!

I hung handmade flowers from ribbons and glued beads onto fishing line to look like rain drops. The rain will then be removed after the spring months are over. I would like to replace them with butterflies for the summer!

The flowers were taken from the idea of the Felt Chrysanthemum Pillow tutorial that I did. I just used scrap book paper instead! The flowers measure about 15" in diameter so they are quite large. I also used vintage lace, tissue paper, music paper, book pages, crepe paper and glitter to embellish them! I then glued them back to back so they would be pretty from all angles.

Rain, rain go away!


Now...Here is where I take just a moment to give a behind the scenes sneak peak. This is where I will also give a HUGE shout out to the women in my family! Everyone was at my parents house for Easter weekend so I took the opportunity to put them to work and help me with this project! They helped me out in a big way!

All the ladies in the family working diligently to get the flowers made. After each of us made one, we would hold it up so that we could all oooh and ahhh over it! I love that my SIL, Kee,  is using a piece of the tulle to hold her hair back while she crafts it up!

My sister Colett is busting them out like there is no tomorrow. A real champ!

My sweet niece Isabelle was cutting out lace circles for us to use. She did a lovely job!

You know it's not that bad of a project when you can smile through it all! Way to go Mom - you are my hero!

I am really grateful that I come from a long line of crafters and that the women in my family enjoyed doing this with me. It may just have been the perfect excuse to sit around, gab, listen to our favorite music and bond! 


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