Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Allow Me to Explain

See this tree? 
This tree and me are the same.

With that being said, you may understand how sitting at the computer is quite unappealing to me at this time. I am unfortunately not one of those women that gets to skate through the 9 months of gestation! My pregnancies are filled with medicines, IV's and a lot of rest so that both baby and me stay safe and stay alive! Since I am only in my first trimester, I have to take it VERY easy. I will be putting this beloved little blog on hold for the time being so that I can care for the beloved little baby inside of me, instead! Please hang in there and know that I will be back in the blogging world in no time! While I am on leave and spending most of my time lying in bed (or hanging my head in the toilet), I will be taking full advantage of my down time by conjuring up some good craftiness for you when I return! Thanks for all of your support and understanding! Until next time....



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