Monday, April 9, 2012

Guest Post: Love Script Necklace Tutorial, by Megan

I have been receiving a lot of emails in regards to the gauge of the necklace. I recommend using either an 18 or 16 gauge wire. Please remember that the higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire is. Choose wisely depending on the word you wish to form. Thanks for your patience and support!

Got the Monday/post holiday blues? No worries because today is a special day! Why? Because I get to showcase one heck of a gal! Allow me to introduce you to the ever so talented and charming Megan Lewis of Four Girlies. Yep, that's right folks. Not only is she creative and lovely in every sense of the word, but she is the mother to 4 beautiful daughters - A stellar mother, at that! Seriously folks - the kind of mom I aspire to be! A big round of applause for Megan, please!

Hello I am Megan, a mother of four girlies that keep me busy. I love to get my creative juices flowing and making stuff. Sometimes I think that I use crafting and creating as therapy, but I mostly do it because my girlies love it and we work on things together. 
Today I am happy to be showing you my tutorial on my 
Love Script Necklace

Materials that you will need:
-chain of your choice (a great way to refashion an old necklace!)
-2 jump rings
- 16 gauge wire
-round nose or needle nose pliers

First, you will want to find a cursive font on your computer. It's important to find a font that connects all the letters together. Once you have selected a font, print it out at your desired font size. 
(Don't have a good cursive font on your computer? Go here to download some great free fonts!)

Now you can lay your wire out over the text and form your wire to your font.

Next, attach the jump rings to each side of your letter and to each end of your chain

Finally, finish with a clasp of some sort and wear!

The options are endless you could spell anything.
I have made a few personalized necklaces for gifts too!


Want to see more of Megan's skilled work? 

Just check out her tutorial on her light letters

How about this adorbs tent she made for her girlies?

And be sure to check out Megan's blog for some seriously unique and creative party ideas! With four daughters in the home, there are bound to be some good times. Like this cereal party! Be still my beating heart! CEREAL PARTY!!??? Indeed! 


Thank you big time to Megan of Four Girlies for gracing the cyber pages of H is for Handmade! It's an honor and a pleasure! 



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