Friday, October 29, 2010



Can I just tell you how excited I am for a certain upcoming event!? Cheri with I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is doing a 2 week feature on clothing upcycle tutorials! If that is not exciting enough for you, guess who is going to be one of her guests to show a fab tutorial on Tuesday, November 9th? Yep, it's me! Hooray! So, you may be asking yourself, what in the world is a clothing upcycle? It is merely taking an old piece of lacklustre clothing and giving it new life by adding a little here, altering it a little there and maybe even taking away a thing or two. I must say that I am a bit nervous, and oh so flattered, about being in a lineup of these remarkable women!  I have been working hard on my project so please tune into Cheri's blog to see what I have come up with and to also feast your eyes upon the tutorials from all the talented guests that she is going to feature. Click HERE to see the schedule.

Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY Club Halloween Style

Last week our DIY Club had another successful evening! The club was on hiatus for the summer with all the ladies being so busy, so it was refreshing to all get together again and make something for Halloween! This month's craft came straight from the pages of The Graphics Fairy. The author of the blog, Karen, had posted some Halloween images that she printed straight onto fabric using her computer printer. We decided to do it with a different method, while still achieving the same outcome. Nicole was once again the host for the club and she taught us all about the art of screen printing! She made screens with the Halloween images on them and we were able to not only make a great craft that evening, but learn about a new trade as well! I am now obsessing over buying a Yudu machine and wondering how I will ever afford one!

These are what we set out to make that night! (we painted our hoops black just to add a little something extra!) You can check out Karen's fabric art tutorial here.

Nicole (on the right) teaching me the trick to the trade. She was soooo patient and helpful!

Each room was filled with dozens of small little squares of muslin and linen. 

While some people were cutting their fabric, others were printing. While some people were waiting for their ink to dry, other's were ironing. The house was in constant motion and it was so fun see and be a part of!

A few of the girl's also did the wooden plaque tutorial that I posted last week. Kari and Ande are hard at work cutting out their graphics and hoping there is a light at the end of the exacto knife tunnel! Patience is a virtue, my friends!

Do any of you belong to a DIY club? Do you have a Yudu machine? Have you made some cool Halloween stuff this year? Did anyone else think that this month FLEW by?!

Loved your visit! Until next time....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spotted: Drool Worthy Halloween Crafts

Today I am being featured over at The Stationary Place. My dear friend Lyndsey does a stellar job at showcasing the latest trends in stationary, greeting card and paper design. I came up with this little project using a free printable greeting card designed by A Fanciful Twist. I really hope her readers enjoy it! You guys can get in on all the action and find the full tutorial by clicking HERE. Thanks Lyndsey for having me! 


I have been oh so amazed at the abundance of Halloween craft tutorials out there. As promised, here are just a few of my favorites! Way to go fellow crafters! You are keeping me amazed and inspired!

This DIY book of spells by Bunch of Craft is incredible! You won't believe how easy the tutorial is! She used a design program (i.e. Photoshop or Illustrator) to create her cover, but I think there are some talented people out there that would be able to do a handmade one!

She Wears Flowers shows how to make this great silhouette art! I am loving that haunted house! She adds a great touch by using newspaper for the background!

Don't even get me started on free things! How cool are Jeanie and Jewel for offering this totally free printable banner!? The graphics are modern and give it that "not your mother's craft project" feel. How awesome it that?

Here is a fabulous idea for anyone having getting to host a children's Halloween party! A Girl and a Glue Gun shows you how to bowl your way to a tasty treat with this game! Use a pumpkin or gourd instead of a ball! 

Maybe you didn't know this, but I am actually dressing up as a Day of the Dead Catrina this year for Halloween! So when I spotted this handsome newly wed couple by Red Heads Craft More Fun, I had to check it out! What an incredible transformation! 

Lastly, when I was just a young new blogger, straight out of the blogging womb last year, I did a few Halloween tutorials myself! Fresh from the archives - Here is a tutorial of one the things I featured on this very blog back in October of 2009! (p.s. Thanks Mommy for being my very first and biggest supporter!)

Loved your visit! Until next time....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Storybook Plaque Tutorial

A simple way to add a little art to your child's room! And since it is made from thrifted children's books and supplies you may already have at home, the cost of the project will run you less than $5.00!
(P.S. I don't like that the word "thrifted" comes up as an error in spell check! It's a REAL word!)


I have a love for vintage children's books! For me, a thrift store outing is not complete without roaming the isles of previously owned books and spotting an old binding with colorful illustrations inside. Thrift stores usually sell books for only .50 cents to $2.00, so really, it's a pretty cheap hobby! Vintage books will always have a hard back (usually fabric of some kind) so that is one way to identify them among all the others. My collection seems to be almost rabbit like and is rapidly growing in numbers. I decided to sacrifice one of them and put it to good use for this art project.

Materials that you will need:
story book (it doesn't have to be vintage!)
mod podge
acrylic paint
paint or foam brush
wooden plaques (I got mine at WalMart but you can find them at most craft supply stores)
exacto knife

 For the first step, select images and text that you like in your book and begin to cut them all out with your exacto knife. Be sure to use a self healing board or cardboard to protect your surface. Cut as close to the graphic as possible so that your image is like a silhouette. Set them aside.
Hint: If you do not want to cut up one of your books, just scan it to your computer and print it out.

 If your wood is a little rough, you may want to sand it down a bit. I had some really rough edges and the wood was splintering. Lesson to be learned here: look your product over before buying it!

 Apply a layer of acrylic paint to your wooden plaques (both sides). Let stand to dry for 15-30 minutes and then apply a second coat. Let dry for another 15-30 minutes.
Hint: If you want a distressed, "Shabby" look, you can just do one coat with your paint slightly watered down and then sand the edges!

 Next, screw in your hinges. Allow a small gap between plaques so that your boards have room to fold - much like a book binding.

 You are now ready to apply your graphics. Once you have figured your text and graphic placement, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the front of your plaques and lay your images down. Don't apply Mod Podge to the images - it's too hard and too messy! Allow to dry for another 15 minutes. I usually prefer the gloss finish Mod Podge over the matte finish because I like the sheen that it gives.

 Once the Mod Podge has dried under your images, you can now apply the Mod Podge to the top of your images. I like to cover the ENTIRE surface of my project - images or no images. This will ensure that your graphics stay put, gives it a nice finished look and it help keep it clean from fingerprints and dust.  Allow to dry for another 15 minutes. If this is your first time working with Mod Podge, don't fret when you see the white glue on your project - it dries clear.

You are finished! You can now display it where you please and show off all your crafty hard work!

Cost of Materials:
wooden plaques: $1.29 ea.
paint: $1.15 (on sale!)
book: $1.00
hinges: .50 cents for 2 qty
Total: $4.95

P.S. If you don't already own any of the other mentioned supplies, be sure to click on the Crazy About Deals button on the right hand side of my blog and find a coupon to a craft store near you!

For a list of fabulous hosts that have allowed me to link up this project, click here.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Top 5 Fave Tutorials List

Before I begin with my post, I would like to thank Tea Rose Home for featuring my Infinity Scarf. It was an honor and privilege to have my name even be a part of Sachiko's brilliant blog. Also, a big huge thanks to all the new followers that came my way this week because of it! Welcome - I am so glad to have you!


Like many of you, I keep a list of tutorials and photos bookmarked on my computer. I absolutely love to discover new blogs and see what all is out there. When I stumble upon a new one I think to myself, "How on earth have I not heard of this one before!" And then I feel like I have been missing out. As if there was a fabulous party at the house down the street that I was unaware of and spent the evening watching the Hallmark Channel with a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups in hand! I just feel like I have been missing out! So I am displaying some great tutorials for you to work on with me and maybe introducing you to some new blogs. Leave them a nice comment to let them know how awesome they are and how fun it is to be included in their party! 

Pinwheel Skirt by Elle Apparel. Um, hellllooooo! Could this skirt be any cuter? Wowza! I am not a great sewer, but her tutorial seems easy enough. I think I could actually hack my way through it! 

Sewing caddy by How Joyful. Heck yes! This is exactly what I need! I love that the pin cushion is removable. This is for sure on my list of crafting priorities! 

 Dainty Leather Clutch by I am Mamma, Hear me Roar via Lemon Squeezy Home. I just discovered Cheri (I know, I know! I'm a little slow sometimes!) and am loving so many of her tutorials! This clutch is calling my name. I think I'll add a wrist strap to mine! 

Fabric Slippers by Prudent Baby. Our house is freezing so before we can replace our 37 year old furnace, these are a must have in my home! 

Tea Wreath by Kojodesigns 
I don't drink tea so I am going to make this to hold my Christmas cards this year! I also think it would be a great idea to hold your child's artwork, family photos or momentos that you have picked up along your way in life! 


I will be showing a new tutorial of mine next week and I will also be posting some of my favorite Halloween Tutorials that I spotted in blogland and bookmarked! Come back and visit me again! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Infinity Scarf - Tutorial

What do you do when your love of infinity scarves and your obsession with all things plaid, collide?...... get this!

Whether it's my love for the mid 90's grunge era or my upbringing in cowboy country (I'm a Montana native), plaid holds a dear place in my heart. Forever. Not only is this provincial pattern timeless, but it also generates a feeling of coziness and warmth. And somehow, whenever I feel it on my skin, I feel consoled. All appropriate means for a winter scarf! 

Infinity scarves (a.k.a. eternity scarf, circle scarf or tube scarf) are genius. Most simple things are. There's no crazy ways to tie it. It just goes around your neck, and then it goes around again. See? Plain and simple. Just the way I like it! 

 Materials that you will need:
1.75 yards of fabric (only if you don't want 2 seams. buy only 7/8 yrd. if you don't mind piecing it)
sewing machine
scissors and or pinking shears

 Begin by laying your fabric flat and cutting it to 63"x22" (or 2 pieces at 31.5X22). It's unfortunate that you have to get a whole 1.75 yards of fabric and only use half of it. Make light of the situation by making a scarf for someone else by using the other half! Think Christmas presents! 
(Feel free to adjust the size of your scarf to your desired length and width - this is just what worked best for me!) 

 If you don't have a serger, this is where you will need to use your pinking shears to prevent fraying! A standard trait of plaid! 

 After your fabric has been cut to size, fold it in half lengthwise (63"x11") and sew the 63" sides together.

 Stop 2" from the edge on both ends. This will create a very necessary 4" opening for the next step.

Next, Turn your fabric right side in. Your fabric should resemble a "tube". Then fold your fabric in half to where all the raw edges meet together.

 Take the two inside pieces that meet and pin them together. Begin to sew them together and around the entire raw edge to close off your tube. This is where your 4" opening will be handy! Your scarf should now be a complete circular tube.

 You can either hand sew the 4" opening shut to where a seam is not visible, or if you are like me and just don't care that it shows, just fold the edges in and sew along the outside to close it off. 

And that's it - A DIY infinity scarf for the new season! So, no matter if you think Courtney killed Kurt or you long for a home on the range, this is a perfect accessory piece for your winter wardrobe!

Pair it with your favorite blazer, pea coat or sweater and you are ready for that tall cup of hot cocoa and hay ride! 

For a list of fabulous hosts that have allowed me to link this project up to, click here.


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