Monday, August 30, 2010

Lace Earring Holder - Tutorial

Here is a great user friendly way to store your earrings and have them be accessible from all angles! I really liked some of the ideas that I have seen on other blogs with embroidery hoops, frames with chicken wire etc..., but I wanted something that I didn't have to take off the wall or lift up in order to get my earrings off. The solution? Lace!

I went to my local thrift store and found this framed water color. I immediately tossed the water color and it's mat in the garbage but kept the cardboard backing. I then painted my frame. Coincidently, the paint color I had was Queen Anne's Lace! It's all so serendipitous! 

I paid $3 for the frame which is still, in my opinion, a bit pricey for a thrifted frame. But, I figured that since I had all the other materials I needed on hand, that this would be my one and only expense for this project. I can handle that.

I dumped all my lace out on the table and rummaged through it. I wanted to see all my options and play with the colors, widths and textures.

I started by taking the cardboard backing and measuring a piece of fabric by it. I allowed for a 1" fold on each side and trimmed it accordingly.

Then, I began to place my lace on the fabric. I pinned it and measured it
so that I knew it was straight. I trimmed it to the length of the fabric and I then sewed each piece on.

I sewed along only the top of the lace so that it could be flipped up to attach and remove earrings easily.

After my lace was all sewn on, I pressed it using a cool setting as to not burn the lace. This removed all puckering and helped my lace lay nice and flat.

Next, I laid my cardboard down on the back of the fabric and used double stick tape (you can use hot glue or craft glue) and began folding my edges over.
Hint: Fold one side over and then do the direct opposite side (i.e. top then bottom). This will ensure a better and more snug fit than if you just went around the frame in order.

After all my sides were folder over, I set it into the frame and used the wire that was already provided by the previous owner.

Then I was ready to adorn it with my earrings and favorite hair clips and hang it either on the wall or back of my door!

The lace is perfect for both earrings with posts and lever back earrings. 

Hair clips go on and off in a breeze, too!

Ta-Da! It took me only an hour to do and for $3, who can complain? Not this lady!

*Also, click HERE to see the where I linked this project to and support all that is handmade!*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Inspiring Father - Joel Henriques

Gosh, here I was thinking that I was doing a great job by letting my child watch Nick Jr. - "It's like preschool on TV" until I bumped into this blog. Allow me to introduce you to the man that has changed the face of the crafting blog world and has also taken it by storm. My friend Nicole posted one of his crafts on her blog awhile ago and I have been hooked on his blog ever since! Joel Henriques of Made By Joel, pretty much does it all, people! He sews, he embroiders, he is a wood worker, an artist, a genious and most importantly - a wicked awesome Dad! The crafts and art projects Joel features on his blog are most often geared toward children. Joel's 2 darlings are the inspiration for his work, and what 2 lucky darlings they are for getting so many great handmade treasures, games and toys from their father! He is dedicated to bringing natural, simple, hands on and educational fun to his home and he really is someone we should all tip our hats to. Be sure to check him out  - and let me just warn you, it is impossible not to smile when seeing how delighted his children are while playing with their creations!
Here are some of my favorite art projects that are featured on his blog:

Modern Doll House (with handmade modern furniture to boot!)

Joel also is nice enough to provide his readers with free templates to download! Be sure to scroll his site for some good, free fun for your kiddos!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Linked Up

Link ups (a.k.a blog hops) are brilliant! They are perfect for a) the person who has created something and would like to share it with the world and b) for the person who is wanting some new ideas and tutorials to test their skills as a DIYer or c) for the person who wants to be introduced to new craft sites and their authors. I am all of the above! There are a lot of great sites out there that feature a link up list and they run on separate days of the week so you get to spot some handmade goodies 24/7! Here is a very short list of my favorites. Just click on the icon!:

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