Friday, September 25, 2009

Halloween Table Runner

I love Halloween! There is no denying that! I would transform my home into a haunted house and charge admission if I could! But, since that is out of the question, I settled for this hauntingly perfect way to at least deck out the table!


Materials you will need:
-sewing machine 
-fabric glue
-black fabric (enough to cover desired area of table)
-pom pom fringe
-rick rac 
-silver paint pen

Start by measuring and cutting out fabric to desired size to fit your table. Hem edges of fabric. You can also leave them raw if you want an unfinished and frayed look.

Next, you will want to place a piece of tinfoil under your fabric to prevent the paint from bleeding through onto your work surface. Begin to draw spiderwebs all over your fabric. Different shapes and sizes add a lot of character! Never drawn a spider web before? Use a ruler to help make straight lines and also go here to get some ideas!

You should have something that looks like this when the drawings are done:

Next, you will want to measure your pom pom fringe to the width of the fabric. Start to glue the rick rack on. If you are super ambitious, you can sew it on, too! Be sure to fold the ends to the back of the fabric. Glue should take about 15-30 minutes to dry.

Finally, glue (or sew!) the rick rack on top of the upper portion of the pom pom fringe. Again, fold ends to the back of fabric. Let dry.....
and give yourself a pat on the back because you are now done! 

Decorate with your favorite Halloween items and some pumpkins of different sizes and colors, and you are ready!

fabric: $1.50/yard ( I needed 2 yards)
fabric glue: $5.99 
paint pen: $2.65
pom pom fringe: $3.50/yard (I needed 1 yard)
rick rack: $1.35 pack (4 yards in 1 pack)
Total Cost: $14.99
Total time to complete project: 2.5 hours

1 comment:

Joan said...

If you find one similar to this at the boutiques it will run you about $45. This was a fun project.
I can't wait to put mine out.


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