Friday, October 23, 2009

Silhouette Luminaries

I have been a little smitten by the silhouette craze that is occurring all around us these days! I wanted to bring something into my home that didn't include my child's profile or require us to sit still in the light and trace out our shadowy figures on the wall! Here is a really simple way to add the trend into your home and with a lot less work and not having to wrestle with family members sitting still! 


Materials you will need:
-glass cylinder vase
-velum paper
-velum tape
-ribbon (if you choose)
-word processing or design program on computer
-scissors or paper trimmer

(hint: cylinder vases can be found at most thrift stores. Also try looking in the stemware section for cylinder drinking glasses. Velum can be found at either a scrapbook store or a paper supply store but a lightweight copy paper may work, too. Card stock and scrapbook paper is too heavy.)

First, you will want to measure your vase to see if the image should be printed on the paper vertically or horizontally. Write down the measurements for when you need to trim your paper

Find a silhouette image (copyright free!) online and drag into any design or word processing program you have. I went here and here to find images. Here you will need to find out where your image should be placed on your paper. Will you need to center it, lower it, enlarge it......?

I found that I had to do quite a few adjustments and print the image at a larger size than I expected. Always check the "print preview" option beforehand so you can see on screen what it will look like when printed on your paper.

Run a few samples from your printer on regular paper and hold up to your vase to make sure you have made the right adjustments to your image

(hint: Wash your hands! Any oil or residue will show on velum so make sure you have clean fingers before handling your paper!)

When you have perfected your layout and make your final print to velum (or paper) take your measurements and trim paper to size of vase. Rule of thumb: Measure twice and cut once! 

Now you will want to apply your velum tape (or double stick tape for regular copy paper) in a vertical line down the outside of your vase. I actually had to apply two lines. Velum tape will not show through where regular double stick tape does. 

Adhere one side of your velum to the tape and begin to roll the paper around the vase and attach other side down. Run your finger along to seam firmly to make sure the paper is attached securely. 

*For added detail, you can add ribbon around the top of your vase if you choose.*

Finally, you can drop a votive in the bottom of your vase and light up the evening! I think these would be really cute using images for the upcoming season as well! Maybe these will be my neighbor gifts this year?

Glass Vases: .50 cents - $1.00 from thrift store
Velum: .35 cents/ea.
Velum tape: $6.00 (I used a 40% coupon to Micheal's crafts)
My Total Cost: $6.15


L. said...

What a great idea!

Joan said...

This blog post finally showed me that you had posted it 5 days ago. I just got it today. What is with the blog updating? These turned out so cute. You have a knack for finding cute craft ideas.
We like cheap, chic, cute ideas and you know I like to copy good ideas. Maybe I'll make you one for Christmas....oh, no I guess that wouldn't be such a great idea.

Idoxray4u said...

Love these! I need to make some for teenage girls. I was wondering if you had an idea how to put a handle on these so they can carry them. I'm not creative enough to do this. Thanks.

Amy said...

The first thing that came to mind was to maybe wrap wire around the top. See a tutorial here:

You may need to bring the wire all the way to the bottom as well as wrapping around the underneath of your vase for more support if your vase does not have a lip on it to hold the wire in place. Good luck! I would love to see pics of your finished piece so feel free email me at the address listed at the top of the blog!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

AWESOME!!! I found this post on a google search! What a small world!


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