Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wrap it up!

Let's face it - gift wrapping can be a chore. "Can" being the key word in that sentence! I have been guilty of just slapping on the wrapping paper bought in bulk at Costco with a simple metallic sticky bow and calling it good. This year I am vowing to make my Christmas wrapping a craft! Giving a handmade gift is beautiful in itself, but how about giving it to them with a little handmade wrapping flair as well? The recipient may be hesitant to open such a lovely work of art, so just assure them that what's inside is just as nice!


Check out all these pretties for some inspiration in your holiday wrapping extravaganzas!
Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Photo: Apartment Therapy

And what holiday post about gift wrapping can be complete without mentioning the queen of handmade: Martha Stewart!I love the next three photos!

For more creative and handmade gift wrap ideas, be sure to check out these sites:
Happy wrapping to all, and to all a good night!

Heather Bullard - part one, part two, part three

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Joan said...

I love to gift wrap. It is an art form in itself. I try to always make mine pretty but these are some cute things to try. I especially love the flower from the Country Living magazine. I am going to try that.


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