Friday, December 11, 2009

Doll Up Your Kicks!

I just can't resist any kind of embellishments these days! If there is a garment donning a ruffle, lace, bow or frill of any kind, you can bet that you will see me standing there, holding it, loving it, all with just a small amount of drool dripping from my lips!
Shoes are no exception! However, when designers and shoe companies add flair they also add a heavy price tag to go with it. Here is a great way to garb up your plain shoes with very little effort and very little cash...if any at all! If you have any left over scraps laying around the house, this project is for you!

Materials you will need:
-any kind of lace, trim, or ribbon
-needle and thread
-bobby pin (preferably a higher quality, sturdy pin that will hold it's form)
-broach, old earring or button

Measure the toe of your shoe to see just how long and wide you want your lace or trim to be. Fold it in half and tie a piece of thread around the middle...

You should have something like this when done with this first step.

Next, sew on your first piece of trim with a basic stitch, attaching it to the top of your lace where you have just gathered it.
hint: slightly folding the end of your trim over your lace will provide a more finished look.

After you have attached your trim, move on to your next piece of trim, placing it how you would like it. You can do ruffles, folds, or just leave them flat as I have done! The great thing about this project is that you can customize it to fit your personal style and color preference!

After all your trims or ribbons have been sewn on, you can now attach a cabochon of your choice! I chose some vintage earrings that had lost their backs. A little bling never hurts anything!

Now you can sew your embellishment onto your bobby pin. Make tight, close stitches so that it doesn't slip off the pin.

The last step is to slide your pin onto the toe of any of your shoes that are feeling a little "left out". Bring them back into step at your next party or holiday gathering with a little pizazz and panache!

You are now the bell of the ball!

Since I used materials I already had on hand, this project didn't cost me anything. I figure if you were to go and buy trims, bobby pins and a broach of some kind, this project will set you back about $10.00 is all!

Total time to complete project: 20 min.

Check out these great embellished shoes for some inspiration:
J. Crew Ballet Flat
Anthropologie Sewing Notions Flats
Pour la Victoire Janise Flat
Oscar de la Renta Embroidered Flats
Rafe'e Emmy Embellished Flat


compulsively compiled said...

Love! I've been wanting to try something like this.

Colett (*.*) said... would be cute on a plain pair of heels too! I love that it can be easily removed when you get tired of it too!

Target-Addict said...

Great project! In the "olden days", they had "shoe clips" that you could clip on your plain shoes to jazz them up. I remember my grandmother teaching me that old sparkly pairs of clip-on earrings could produce the same effect.

Kee said...

Very cute! I like the idea of a bobby pin so you can change it out. Clever girl....

lyndsey said...

lol. i so love that you called them "kicks." you rock.

Joan said...

People don't use bobby-pins much any more. This could be a stimulous for the economy when everyone goes and buys them for this project.....then for the steel industry, the lace and fabric stores etc. Aren't you clever.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

What a fun touch! I love them :).

demetgun3 said...

how cute!!
realy easy and chic something.


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