Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Soap Box

Has anyone strolled the aisles of Target recently? If so, you may have noticed a certain pillow propped proudly on their shelves. A certain pillow that strangely enough, looks EXACTLY like the one I did a tutorial for on this here very November of 2009! I know, I know "quit flattering yourself, Amy", as some of you may be saying, "you are tiny and no one even knows who you are or that this blog even exists!" But in all actuality, this pillow has been featured on several blogs and design sites, both small and large, so the chances of a designer for Target spotting it and taking credit for it are actually quite high. What do you guys think...should I be flattered or should I be angry? I think at this point I am leaning toward the latter. Arrrrggh.

Take a looksies and see what you think!

Mine (and ALL mine!)

stupid Target's version

I'm sorry, but the resemblance is a little too uncanny! 



Katie Johnson said...

I have to say, I prefer yours. Not only better colors, but Target's almost looks like it's cut in half. The petals are lined up funny :P Well done, yours is much better!

gemma said...

Yes it does. I like yours better.
Maybe you can try to patent your ideas.

Fifi said...

Funny you say that.... I was in Target a couple of weeks ago and saw it. I told my hubby I could totally make that! So I am but in a rectangle shape. Yes, I think yours is way better than Targets. And I love, love, love your color choices. Great job!

Vicki W said...

I think I'd try to find a copyright expert to consult on this one. I think you may have a case.

Madeline said...

Holy crap! I love your pillow and think your hard work has been exploited by corporate America. But what can you do other than be flattered?

Nancy said...

I love your design. I would be flattered but then learn next time put a limit of how many one can make of your pattern. Jist sayin.

katherine said...

AMY! I was at target just last week and I saw the pillow and thought of all you have said in this post!! i agree, I think yours looks much better, and better color choice as well!! and i don't know, i would be flattered but a little upset too!!

PS, I have thought about you and suck because I never sent love to you in any way! I hope that you are doing well!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love love love your pillow!

Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

That pillow is actually what introduced me to your blog in the first place. It's still on my to-do list though... I like your version WAY better than the Target one (and I LOVE Target so that's sayin' something!) :D

... Bimbi said...

You will never stop people copying things and it's quite flattering to think someone likes your idea so much they want to copy it. Unless you had planned to mass produce them yourself of course!

Everytime you see one in people's houses you could say:"Oh, isn't it lovely! I made those years ago."

Your cushion is way better than Target's.

Bimbi x

Kacey said...

Once you put an idea out there, you no longer have control of who is inspired by it...

Amy Butler released this pattern in 2008:

Was she the first person to make a pillow like that? Probably not. People are inspired by what they see. If Target's people were inspired by your pillow, you should be thrilled. You put a free tutorial out there for people to see and use...and they did!

elsabags said...

i second madeline! ugh!

Alma's Sewing Adventures said...

I like yours better! the solid black looks like it belongs to the Adams Family.

Natalie said...

I think Kacey makes a great point. And I also think you should feel flattered. Everyone loves that pillow!


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