Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Silhouette - Tutorial

It's no secret that us crafters love making our own holiday decor, ornaments and gifts! What we don't like is a craft that costs us a lot of money and takes a lot of time to make! Ugh. No thank you! I want need my precious time for baking cookies, watching cheesy Hallmark movies and buying presents! Here is a VERY easy and inexpensive project that I whipped up this last week:

A Santa Silhouette!

Materials that you will need:
construction paper (color of your choice) 
frame - with backboard
background paper (I choose brown postal paper) 
Scissors and/or exacto knife

Begin by measuring the backboard of your frame and cutting your background paper to size. Glue it down and let dry.

Next, find an image on the Internet by googling "Santa Silhouette" and select a Santa that you like. Print it off from your computer. I chose this copyright free image.

This part is a little tricky, but I know how crafty and talented you all are and I have faith that you can do it! You can either cut out your printed image and trace around it onto your paper, OR if you are like me and needed a larger image to fit into your frame, I had to free hand it! Which was fine, because I wanted to personalize it by adding more detail to his hair, hat trim and pom-pom. 
Hint: Trace or draw your image on the reverse side of your paper. That way you can flip your image over when you are done and you won't see pencil and eraser marks.

Next, start to cut out your image using your scissors or if you have hard to reach areas, you will need an exacto knife. 

Position your silhouette onto your background paper and glue down.

FYI: I painted my frame black. Burgundy isn't my thing! 

Easy peasy, right!

Cost of materials:
Postal paper - $Free (I had it left over from this craft)
Construction paper - $1.50 at Michael's by using a coupon from hereJust click on the "craft coupon" button on the top of the page
Frame: thrifted for $1.00
Total cost: $2.50
Time to make it: 45 minutes

Loved your visit! Until next time...


darren said...

just stumbled on your blog - super cute idea!

elsa bags said...

love it & that's a really great santa silhouette!

Joan said...

It really turned out cute. I like the added flourishes you did.
And where is mine?


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