Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Multiple Vase Centerpiece - Tutorial

If there is one thing my soul is needing needing right is sunshine! I want to Springtime to be here. NOW! We have been fortunate enough to have a mild winter here in Utah, but I am still craving the warmer days that allow us to ride bikes, take late night strolls through the neighborhood and above all, to see the beautiful colors that spring and summer gift us with! Since we are still a few months away from the warm and color filled days of spring, I decided to make something to help brighten up the inside of our home instead!  

A multi-vase centerpiece! 

Materials that you will need:
-various sizes and shapes of vases 
-a large plate 
-spray primer
-spray paint in desired color
-super glue (make sure the glue is specific to what your vases are made of: ceramic, glass, metal...)

I first went to my local thrift store and selected a variety of vases that I liked the shape and size of. I choose glass and plastic to work with, but I think tin or metal would work well, too! 

After I found my vases, I then selected a plate with a large enough flat surface to fit all the vases on. I had to try out a few as some of them had larger rims that wouldn't allow to vases to sit flat. 
This plate SCREAMS 1989! I so remember this decorating trend from my childhood!

When I was at the thrift store, I saw that the vases were priced anywhere from $3.00 - .50. I can see how this project would get pricey so make sure you select one's that won't break your pocketbook!

First, start by soaking your vases in warm water with dish soap. You will want to remove any film or buildup on your vases so that your primer has a clean surface to adhere to. I wasn't sure if I could put them in the dishwasher as some porcelains and glass won't stand up to the heat. Plus, you will find there is A LOT or crap inside of used vases that you will need to get at by hand! 

HINT: CLICK! Arrange your vases onto your plate to your approval, and then take a picture of it. This will allow you refer to the photo and place them back the way you like after the pieces have been painted and glued without any wonder or worry of how you had them set up previously!

Now apply your spray primer. It should only take 2 coats at the most. Remember that primer is NOT paint so it will go on thin and won't give it "color". It simply needs to create a bondable surface for your paint. Allow ample time for your primer to dry (refer to directions on can) and then apply your spray paint. It took 3 coats or paint for a few of my pieces, as they had darker images or color that needed to be covered up. 

You are now ready to apply the glue to the bottom of the vases and placed onto your plate. This is where your photo comes in handy! Let dry.

Once your glue has dried, use a cup to fill each vase with water and add your beautiful blooms! 

**Hope this project brings a little color and warmth into your home this winter!**

P.S. Wash by hand with a soft cloth and warm water when done using. Remember: Anything handmade is to be hand washed! 

Cost of materials:
Vases - $2.50
Plate - $.50
Primer - $4.50
Spray Paint - already had on hand ($0)
glue - already had on hand ($0)
Total: $7.50

Loved your visit! Until next time...


madison judd said...

Love this! I will definitely keep it in mind for some FUN painting when I get finished with the not so fun painting I'm doing to all of our trim and walls.

CherryMakeUp said...

that is an awesome idea!!!
Can´t believe that I didn´t had that Idea myself!!!!

As soon as I find nice cheap vases I will try this!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

Spray paint is amazing. Great post!

Anonymous said...

Made this picture the background on my computer...just a little spring delight when it is fuh-fuh-freezing outside. I just adore this!

Anonymous said...

Made this picture the background on my computer...just a little spring delight when it is fuh-fuh-freezing outside. I just adore this!

jen said...

Amy, it was so nice meeting you last night at Soel! I love this little tutorial, I am in desperate need of warmer weather too. Fresh flowers are a great substitute.

Kat said...

So fun, Amy! Cannot wait to try to this myself! A whole lot of indoor plants and flowers is the only way I'm ever able to cure my spring fever as an apartment dweller.


elsa bags said...

so pretty!

Victoria Brown said...

Fun idea, Amy. Love it!

Ally C-ell said...

Wonderful idea, very well put into practice and photographed. Thanks for sharing this.

Peter Phillips said...

This is the best idea given by you in making the multi-vase centerpiece for decorating purpose. Thanks for sharing such an idea.

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joy said...

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