Monday, January 25, 2010

Cake Stand Tutorial

I don't think I'm actually allowed to call this a "cake plate" because unfortunately this will not hold up to food exposure and it is not dishwasher safe! So I am going to call this a "display plate" tutorial, instead. Would that have been even nearly as appealing to you if you saw that in the blog title? I think not!

Here we go:

Materials that you will need:
1 qty. wooden candlestick about 4" in height (they come in various sizes at you local craft store!)
1 qty. 4" wooden disk
1 qty. 8" wooden disk
1 sheet of 12X12 scrapbook paper
a sponge brush or larger paint brush
Mod Podge
paint to match you paper selection
wood glue (not shown. Sorry!)

The candlestick will come with a metal insert glued inside it. Simply pry it out using pliers or a knife (be careful!) because you will want a flush edge on the top of your candlestick.

Turn both of your disks upside down onto the back of your paper and trace around the top edge of the disk. Cut paper circles out and set aside. You may have to cut on the inside of the pencil line for a better fit.

Next: Sand all rough edges of your disks and candle stick

Use your sponge brush to paint both disks and candlestick. It may take a few coats of paint since pine is quite porous...and I didn't bother with a primer. When you are finished painting, wash your brush out so that you can use it to apply the Mod Podge next.

Hint: if you have Glad Press and Seal plastic wrap at home, lay and press a sheet down on your table to protect your work surface! It makes for easy and quick clean up!

After the paint has had enough time to dry (15-20 minutes to each coat), apply your Mod Podge to the top of your disks and place your paper on top. Use the palm of your hand and rub it down onto the disk with extra attention to the edges.
*When working with Mod Podge, remember that a little goes a long way! Applying too much will cause your paper to bubble and ripple. *
After it has dried (5-10 minutes) apply a layer of Mod Podge to the top of your paper to protect it from scratches and dirt. Allow to dry completely.

Next, apply a liberal amount of glue to the bottom of your candle stick.....

Now place the base of the candlestick on top and in the center of your 4" base. Wait for it to dry.

Finally, turn your 8" wooden disk upside down (this will make it easier to find the center) and then apply a liberal amount of glue to the top of your candle stick.  Place candlestick upside down on the bottom of your disk. Allow to dry.

Hint: Slowly spin your disk in circles and watch the movement of the candlestick to find the center. As long as the glue is still wet you can move it around freely.

You are finished! I have decided to use mine in my kitchen to hold my sugar, salt and pepper shakers, my daily multi-vitamins ('gotta stay healthy so I can keep on blogging!), and toothpicks! You can do whatever you please with yours! I think it would be great to display various things around your home such as: a plant, bottles of perfumes or lotions on a vanity, holiday decorations, etc...
...And if you really wanted to use it to serve food, just be sure to cover it with plastic wrap beforehand or use a plate under your cake to protect it. Enjoy!

wooden candlestick - $2.99
4" wooden disk - .69 cents
8" wooden disk - $3.29 with a coupon
scrapbook paper - .69 cents
paint - $1.15
(other supplies I already had on hand)
Total cost: $8.81
Total time to complete project: 1 hr. (this was mostly for drying time on glue and Mod Podge and feeding a 2 yr. old between coats!)


Caroline said...

I Love(!) that! My boyfriend and I bough a house about 7 months ago and I've done so little decorating that it's driving me mad. That would look so cute on our headboard with a few candles or knick knacks or even on the bathroom counter to hold the prettier soaps and lotions.

{natalie} said...

i like the paper you chose. the "display stand" is very cool. i might have to go get some supplies so i can make this.

Joan said...

Totally cute and practical. I am the lucky recipient of one of these and I love it. Thanks kiddo.

Amy said...

This is super cute, I love it!

compulsively compiled said...


Maria said...

Love this idea!

RedHead said...

Adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog- I'm your newest follower!

Courtney @


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