Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Tree Finds

A few years ago I gave my MIL a family tree that I had made from a Martha Stewart kit - which unfortunately doesn't seem to be available anymore. Ever since I made it for her I have been wanting one for myself. Why I didn't buy 2 of them at the time, I don't know! I guess when you start a family for yourself, you have a desire to find out who has helped in the creating of the quirks, features and passions in our posterity! Where did my son get the dimple in his chin and why do his ears stick out? It's fun to research your ancestry and even dig up old photos of grandparents from generations past! I recently went online to find some more family tree ideas and came across some really great handmade alternatives!

This family tree by LettyGirl is a DIY dream for only $15.00! I love the modern feel of this kit and also how the leaves mirror themselves in opposite and vibrant colors. I need this art piece for my wall! It measures 18X24 inches and it's easy to assemble which is a definite bonus! Do you have a wedding, birthday or anniversary coming up that you need to buy a present for? Hmmmm?

Family Tree Necklace by TheRustedChain. Additional discs can be purchased for only $5.00 so that each family member's name adorns your necklace! A great way to keep your family "close to your heart" for only $27.00. I would not recommend this necklace to the Duggar Family, however.

The Swirl Family Tree Book by Christine Bowden would be a great addition to any library of coffee table. I am loving the hard wood cover with the burned-in design! The book is equipped with 20 blank pages to fill in all your family's information and sells for $75.00. What a treasured heirloom this would be!

This platter from Custom Sepia is amazing! The images are fired on to make it microwavable, oven and food safe. It measures 15X9 inches and would be perfect in serving up those famous family recipes or simply displayed on a plate rack. I think this would make a great gift for the mom or grandma who has everything! The tree can accommodate up to 15 names and sells for $60.00. 

For the wall decal lover (there are a lot of you out there!) this one is for you! Expressing You designed this cute cluster of vinyl birds, each representing a different family member. It measure approximately 12X24 inches and allows you to choose between several colors of vinyl. Kit includes 2 large birds and up to 4 small birds and sells for $30.00.

Do you have a family tree in your home?
Have you made any interesting discoveries about your ancestors?
Did you find that you were actually related to your spouse through several generations past, like I did? Um, yeah.


Colett (*.*) said...

poor E, he's an inbred. Love the one from lettygirl, $15 is a freaking steal!

{natalie} said...

that top one looks like the one colett had at the BB. i like it. jody has one that is similar that Ash gave her. pretty cool.

Joan said...

I think Lettygirl should give you one of these great trees for free for advertising for her.

matchgirl said...

I just love family trees! Wonderful post! I am so glad I found your blog, Nichole at Patina, told me about you today. I think she said you bought one of my hand felted pin cushions too, thanks!!



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