Saturday, February 27, 2010

Judge A Book By It's Cover

Who knew that a book could have so many purposes? Maybe someone should write a book called "101 Things To Do With A Book" and when you are done reading it you can make it into something! I am always amazed at the talent and creativity in this world and a few short minutes on the computer reminds of that every day! I am feeling a very strong urge to go buy up all the old books from my local thrift store and do my part in recycling, repurposing and reusing! 

Have you seen the designs of Laura Cahill? Lovely, right? Well, you can be a top designer too with this simple tutorial from the eye pleasing blog of Sweet Paul.

This bird house is right up my alley. How clever is this?! Create Studio was kind enough to give us all an online lesson on how to make one! Lucky us and lucky her for being so stinking awesome! 

I have seen book page wreath tutorials on various blogs before, but I think this one takes the cake on loveliness! Katydid and Kid shows you how to do it quite nicely!

              This floral find was spotted at Rag and Bone. I am thinking these will be great attached to a tree branch and placed in a large vase on my credenza. Yes, yes, that is what I will do! Find the tutorial at Folding Trees.

What a great little box to hold the treasures that have captured a young one's mind! Makes a great gift box too!
Check out more from Those Northern Skies.

Did you need to make this bunting to adorn your hallways? I think you do! Tutorial found at Two and Six. Think of how cute it would be made from an old atlas? 

And finally, enjoy this animated story book video to help bring a smile to your face today!


thecoghlans said...

I love the flowers - maybe I'll try to do that. I'm working on the flower pillow that you posted last week now so hopefully that'll turn out just like yours. Thanks for sharing these great finds!

Joan said...

I love them all. Who thinks of bird houses made of books? I love people's imaginations.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for this round up. I'm a bit addicted to upcycling old books now (as you saw from my wreath).

And please let me know if you'd like a better photo of it! I can email one to you.

Sarah said...

Amy, great roundup, I just love that vase... so cool! Thanks for including me!
-Sarah from Create Studio


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