Monday, February 22, 2010

Nice Feature!

I have a routine for my day. It's not exciting or unusual. It begins with watching a little Today Show right when I wake up (because I really like Matt Lauer!) followed by a breakfast for the family and then sitting down at the ol' Mac to see how many of you have tuned into H is for Handmade in the past 24 hours. This morning as I sat down at my computer, I had to take a few looks, rub my sleep deprived eyes and question if what I was looking at was real! My numbers had skyrocketed today due to a nice post on Tip Junkie that featured my felt chrysanthemum pillow. Thank you to all who tuned in and a very BIG thank you to Laurie for showcasing my tutorial! What a privilege it is and I can only hope that I can continue to make things that so many more people can enjoy! 

P.S. How awesome is this comment left by one of my readers to start my day out right?:

".....God is good, and I'm glad He blessed you with such creativity".

Dear Cynthia, I think the same thing and thank him for that every night! You are very kind!


Colett (*.*) said...

so exciting! yours is the cutest of all the things! Congrats! This might just get me motivated to get that guest blog done afterall!

La La Land said...

This is SO great! Good for you!!! And I have to admit, I really like Matt Lauer. And I watch the Today show every morning, too. And I like him even more now that I saw a recent interview with him. Let's talk about it over tea!

Erin said...

congrats! that is awesome!

i LOVE that pillow! as soon as my kids are no longer sick i am going to the store and getting some felt to make that pillow. i am thinking... yellow.

thanks for the inspiration!


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