Monday, March 15, 2010

Chocolate Cookies, Oh My!

We went to my parents house for dinner last night, as usual. After the meal we sat around and talked about what dessert we could make that would be worthy to follow my father's homemade beef stroganoff. Dad said he wanted homemade brownies. Should he get what he wants for making such a tasty meal? Mom said she wanted cookies. Should she get what she wants for cleaning up the mess left from making such a tasty meal? I said let's have both! Here is what we made - a mighty fine combination to please all that worked so hard that evening!
After reading the recipe card, my mom said that she had some white chocolate but that it was just in a little different form than "chips". Yeah, no kidding!
A friend had given her some white chocolate and a nativity candy mold for Christmas this past year. After my mom made it, she felt guilty about eating it so she put it in an air tight container and sealed it up. I guess there is something a little disturbing about biting into baby Jesus and saying, "Mmmmm! It's soooo good!"

I'm not afraid. I broke the heads off of the Wise Men, the shepherd, and Jospeh and broke up all their bodies and threw them in the dough. Sorry fellows but you have a greater purpose now!

Completely unrecognizable and delicious! The men of ancient times saved the day and made our cookies the best they could be! 


matchgirl said...

oh, that is hilarious! At first I just looked at the pictures and thought the white chocolate nativity was porcelain. Thought you had gone a little nuts. But as it turns out, you are just resourceful!

Caroline said...

That was too funny... now I wish I had my own white chocolate nativity set

{natalie} said...

that is awesome and those cookies look so good. i'm really craving something sweet right now!

Target-Addict said...

Your post made me LOL...what a great idea! The white chocolate got used in a very inventive way ;-)

Joan said...

Mmmmmmmmm they were good. It was the perfect combo of brownie and cookie.

Tia said...

Amy--looks yummy! I know I am late in the game here, but I love your blog. SO many great ideas, you are very talented. We had a lot of fun hanging out. Hope to see you at the next DIY and I really hope you are teaching :)

Maria said...

I make a similar cookie. They are so good! Loving these!

meg said...

I feel like Tim Burton must have written this as a short story at some point...


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