Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Easter Banner Tutorial

Here is an easy Easter craft that I did last year and had it posted it on my family blog. How nice that I was just able to copy and paste it into this one!

It's pretty simple and maybe even a bit self explanatory, but for the people who just don't get the whole "crafty" thing, I broke it down into a few simple steps! It took no more than 30 minutes to make and it was a lot of fun! I also think using patterned paper would be cool. I might just have to make one of these for each holiday!

Materials that you will need:
- 11 sheets of 8.5X11 card stock (colors of your choice)
- 3 yards of ribbon or string
- Computer
- Paper trimmer or scissors
- Hole punch

Pick a font on your computer to your liking and enlarge it considerably.
       You may need to run a few tests on plain paper to see if you have the correct sizing. Play              with colors! I chose a dark gray instead of flat black. It seemed a little less heavy with the brighter colors I chose for my paper.
       (I had to enlarge mine 2,000% for the right size!)

If you are using multiple colors of paper, make a key as reference. As you can see, the words spell out "happy easter" from left to right. To make it easier, I printed 1 letter at a time while avoiding paper jams from the use of heavy card stock. After printing off one letter, I would simply delete it on the screen and type in the next letter according to the key. Feed printer coordinating paper as each letter is typed.

* Each letter will take up one sheet of paper *

Measure out how large you want your squares to be, making sure your letters are centered. I just measured how far the letter automatically printed from the top and left side then matched it on the bottom and right side. If you want to get real creative, you can use pinking shears or patterned blade scrapbooking scissors instead of a straight edge.

Make a template of where you would like your holes to be for weaving your ribbon or string through. Be sure that these are centered as well! If you want to add any embellishments, this would be the time (i.e. spray glitter!).

Finally, weave your ribbon through each hole!

Happy Easter everyone!


Joan said...

I didn't see a green one for St. Patty's Day. You do have one Irish great, great, great, great grandmother you know. Not much a an Irish gene pool, I'm afaid. You need to get some red, white and blue supplies for the 4th of July. You do need one for every holiday.

Kawartha Beads said...

I love all your tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing them, I find your blog to be very inspirational and it brightens my day to stop by!

I just wanted to let you know that I think you are the perfect recipient for the Sunshine Award!


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