Monday, April 12, 2010

Window Display Wonderment!

I took a little hiatus from the blogging world so that I could get a special little side project done! You see, before I became a mommy, I used to be on the Visual Merchandising team for Nordstrom and decorating the store windows each month was a fabulous part of the job. I absolutely loved it! So of course I was thrilled when the owners of the Lucille Elaine boutique asked me to design their window display for the Spring and upcoming Summer months. I was honored and so very thrilled! Thank you to Meg and Kim for giving me the chance to add my creativity to your already amazing store! I had a lot of fun doing this! Now, 34 flowers later, it is done!

Isn't this place so cute?

Fashion Place Mall
Murray, UT
(next to Nordstrom)
P.S. Aside from selling all the really great garb inside the store, they also do custom made wedding gowns!

I hung handmade flowers from ribbons and glued beads onto fishing line to look like rain drops. The rain will then be removed after the spring months are over. I would like to replace them with butterflies for the summer!

The flowers were taken from the idea of the Felt Chrysanthemum Pillow tutorial that I did. I just used scrap book paper instead! The flowers measure about 15" in diameter so they are quite large. I also used vintage lace, tissue paper, music paper, book pages, crepe paper and glitter to embellish them! I then glued them back to back so they would be pretty from all angles.

Rain, rain go away!


Now...Here is where I take just a moment to give a behind the scenes sneak peak. This is where I will also give a HUGE shout out to the women in my family! Everyone was at my parents house for Easter weekend so I took the opportunity to put them to work and help me with this project! They helped me out in a big way!

All the ladies in the family working diligently to get the flowers made. After each of us made one, we would hold it up so that we could all oooh and ahhh over it! I love that my SIL, Kee,  is using a piece of the tulle to hold her hair back while she crafts it up!

My sister Colett is busting them out like there is no tomorrow. A real champ!

My sweet niece Isabelle was cutting out lace circles for us to use. She did a lovely job!

You know it's not that bad of a project when you can smile through it all! Way to go Mom - you are my hero!

I am really grateful that I come from a long line of crafters and that the women in my family enjoyed doing this with me. It may just have been the perfect excuse to sit around, gab, listen to our favorite music and bond! 


lyndsey said...

way to go! those turned out SO cute. anthro-worthy, in my opinion :)


that is just about the most darn-tootin' cutest window display my little eyes ever did see! no surprise that it came from you, my craftin' chickadee! ;)

becky said...

The flowers are oh so cute and nicely done. I like the idea of adding butterflies. Good job!
~Becky, Retail Details blog, view blog at

Joan said...

It was fun and I am ready for the next big craft get-together.

AmandaS said...

How do you have that many creative juices flowing through your tiny little body???
I love them! I might even have to try to make them myself!

{natalie} said...

i am so impressed, the windows look amazing. you are so awesome amy.

ps do the 12x12 next month.

Kee said...

It was fun to get together and craft! I miss all living in the same town so that we can pla.:-)y

Colett (*.*) said...

it was worth all those hot glue gun burns, it's loverly!

thecoghlans said...

The flowers look beautiful! I absolutely love the window display - it makes the store that much more inviting. Good job!

meg said...

AMY!! One of managers from Nordstrom came in and wondered who did our displays. I was like...oh Amy Holmes, ever heard of her? She works on window displays for any store that really matters in utah...

So yeah I am getting your name out there.

elsabags said...

ooh i can't wait to come by the store & see these in person. they look fab!

jenni kaufusi said...

so cute. and i love that store.


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