Monday, April 26, 2010

Flowers and Stripes - Tutorial

Yes, there is yet another post about flowers! I love them and I can't get enough of them! But the one thing I am loving just as much as flowers these days: Stripes! 

I have gotten a few emails and have also been asked the question, "Where do you like to draw your inspiration from?" The answer is, "Everywhere". 

I recently purchased this rug and have since fallen so madly in love with it! I told my husband that I wanted to wear the rug around town- that is just how much I loved it! 

So then the thought occurred to me that I could easily create something similar that wouldn't draw as much attention as a poncho made from a rug, and that the attention that it would draw, would probably be for better reasons. 

I started with this simple stripe shirt I purchased at Target for $12.99. Stripe T's are everywhere right now and it really shouldn't be too hard to find one. Nautical is all the rage so you might as well jump on board! No pun intended! 

I then went to my local fabric store and purchased a fat quarter. I wanted a fabric with large clusters of flowers in colors that would add just enough contrast to the black and white stripes.

I applied Heat-n-Bond to the back of my fat quarter. 
What is Heat-n-Bond, you ask? It's only your very best friend, is what it is!

I then cut out the flowers in their clusters which made small individual iron-on's.

Next, I positioned them onto the shirt where I thought they looked best, peeled the backing off and ironed them on.

And then, I was done. It was so simple!

Don't forget about the back!
Total cost of project: $15.00
Total time to complete project: 30 minutes

No heavy poncho and no sewing. I win!


Erin said...

super cute!!

{natalie} said...

i love it. i think i need to hit up target asap.

Colett (*.*) said...

oh me likey, keep in mind I have a birthday next week, just sayin.

Target-Addict said...

What a great idea! This shirt is adorable :-)

the mama monster said...

lovely!heading to target tonight! where is that amazing rug from?

Madeline P said...

SO CUTE! (both the rug and the top). I am so inspired.


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