Monday, September 27, 2010

Star Gazing Chart Template

I was recently given an Uncle Al's Star Wheel by a friend of mine who is a high school science teacher. I had been meaning to print one of for some time now so when she handed me one, I was thrilled! I have always loved to look up to the sky and see all the bright stars and try to find various constellations. The endless and vast space amazes me!  I grew up in Montana and we were fortunate enough to see the Aurora Borealis on a few occasions. It was spectacular! The one thing that I love about the night sky is Polaris, a.k.a. the North Star. There is something so gratifying about a star that is constant, never changing and reliable. I know that when I look up to the sky, it will be in the exact same place every night - no matter what! I think our universe is pretty amazing! 

Click here to print your own star chart, or I have also attached them at the bottom of the page that you can print! Instructions for assembly and use are printed on the wheel.

I took my little man out to gaze at space with me last night. He told me the stars that blinked red and blue and flew across the sky were his favorite. I felt bad telling him that those are called airplanes! 

He'll figure it out one day! 

Even if you only see 1 or 2 constellations, it's just a good excuse to sit outside on a blanket and cozy on up with a loved one! 

Other interesting starry links:
PBS documentary: Seeing In The Dark
Google Images (Sorry that Brittany Spears had to go and ruin the vibe!)


Joan said...

I can find the north star and the big dipper....nothing else except maybe Venus. I need a chart for sure.

Elaine said...

That is so cute!! It looks like so much fun. I don't think we'd see a lot of stars here in L.a. unless we drove really far out!!

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