Monday, September 6, 2010

Guest Post - DIY Graphic Tee, by Nick Yarro

You may be thinking to yourself, "Who is Nick Yarro?" I am Nick Yarro. I am Amy's nephew and the guest blogger today. I am 13 years old and just started 8th grade. I am witty. Probably more witty than you :) I like football, video games and hanging with my friends. I think girls are pretty cool too and they seem to really like my new deep voice. I spent my summer at the pool, riding my bike and vacationing in Mexico. I am currently eating my weight in food each day because that's what boys do at my age. I am a typical teenager but I would like to think that my sense of style and creativity sets me apart from the other kids. In my free time I like to wear fedoras, make movies and design T-shirts. Here is how I do it. 

Supplies that you will need:
newspaper or cardboard
all purpose spray paint. Nick is using Krylon, but any brand would work.
(other supplies you may or may not need: scissors, garbage bags)

Start by laying out your shirt flat on the ground and slide either your paper or cardboard between the layers. This will give it rigidity and also keep the paint from leaking through to the back.

Make sure that your back collar is covered so that the paint doesn't get on the inside of your shirt.

Now begin to make a pattern with your tape. You may want to sketch something on paper first. Press the tape down firmly and rub your finger along it to make sure you don't have any bubbles.

Smile and take pride in your work.

Hold up your shirt and show everyone how cool your design is. Then listen to them oooo and awww.

Place your shirt on a clean, paint friendly surface.

Start to spray your shirt especially around your design, making sure you have a nice layer of color over your taped areas. This will make give more of a contrast when the tape it removed.  Allow paint to dry for at least 30-45 minutes.

When the paint is dry, run it through the washer and dryer. This will make the shirt soft and wearable and the heat from the dryer will help set the paint.  It will also remove the paint odor.
You now have a new graphic tee that will set you or your kid apart from the rest!


Dana said...

Clever, very clever!

Colett (*.*) said...

that is just about the most handsome 13 yr old boy I have ever laid eyes on. He is also good at making things and loves his mama very much. :)

lyndsey said...

that looks so awesome -- i might just have to spray paint some onesies for my baby :) thanks for the how-to, nick -- you are a cool kid.

elsabags said...

I just showed this to my 12 yr old and he said "that's so rad" we'll definitely try this at home!

Cute nephew Amy. Do we need to use a special kind of spray paint?

This is one of my favorite tutorials.

meg said...

Did this with my brother today and it turned out perfectly! Thank you for the great idea. Cannot wait for more guest posts!

Andrea Denzer said...

This kid has talent... and he is right about being witty. He's a pretty good writer too. I bet he'll be famous one day!


i definitely pinch my pennies wherever I can (especially when it comes to all the current and up-to-date fashion trends) so knowing that this costs next to nothing for something that looks so 'design-y' and expensive, well, mister ... let's just say that me and my wallet thank you! :)


katherine said...

love this. so much! i am going to have to spray paint some shirts for my little dude, that is for sure!

thanks for sharing Nick!!

Kee said...

Great job Nick! Funny and creative.

DXOX said...

I am a splogger (spy/stalk cool blogs) I very rarely comment, but DUDE, 1st off you are dang hot (have teenage girls...I know hot when I see it... OK they are drooling/screaming like you are a rock star). 2nd, Creative, talented and brilliant! Will be giving this one ago! 3rd, Did you have to use the BYU newspaper cover to protect then paint your shirt red?
Love this idea! XOX

Amy said...

HAHA! Good eye DXOX! This shirt would look great for the next U of U game! Thanks for the comment - I'm sure Nick is blushing in a shade of red that would give this shirt some competition! He really is quite cute!

La La Land said...

I, too noticed the BYU football article on the paper. So funny. You, Nick, are super witty and talented! I have done lots of t-shirt decorating ideas, but I have yet to try spray paint. Now I feel a need to get out in my garage and make one. Good idea!!!!

Julia said...

This is awesome! And I loved your post!

Amber said...

I was just wondering, can these go in the dryer?

We love them! My teenage daughters and I just made 5....they are drying as we speak. I just didn't know if I should hang them to dry or put them in the dryer.

Thanks Amber

Joan said...

Nick really is hot. (Can his Gramdma say that?) But he is not big headed, rude or a know it all. He is very sweet and loving and obviously talented.

Amy said...

Amber - Yes you can put this in the dryer. It actually is better if you do because it makes the t shirt soft and the heat helps the paint set into the shirt. Thanks for the question and I hope your kids enjoy them! I will put that info on this tutorial! I tried to respond back to you via your blog but you have so many I didn't know where to leave one! I love how ambitious you are!

Amber said...

Thanks Amy! I am not quite that ambitious. :) Several of those belong to my daughters who have ideas and then are just too busy to keep up with them. However my blogs are and

We did end up putting them in the dryer and they are in love. They are already planning some more and more colors.

Can wait to post about it.


polly pratt said...


I just love this but would love to know if it`s a special fabric spray paint that you use?

Amy said...

Hi Polly! It is an all purpose spray paint from Krylon! Any brand would work and you can find it at a home improvement store (i.e. Home Depot/Lowes). Walmart and most craft stores sell it too! Thanks and have fun!

In a nut shell... said...

I liked this idea so much I thought I'd give it a shot. My son LOVED it!

Debbie said...

Awesome t-shirt design Nick. Thanks for taking the time to share this tutorial and encouraging others to be creative and individual.


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