Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Matilda Jane

I came across this clothing company that I thought was really cute and should be shared. Matilda Jane offers fashions for the little girlie ones and for mommies too! As far as I know, the clothing is not sold in a store but is sold online and by hosting private trunk shows. When I read the company's bio and how it all started by being just a vendor booth at various art and craft shows, traveling from town to town, I just thought about how so many of us start out making handmade items never knowing when, or if, it could really turn into something more!  I love that her talents and passions are now turning into a profit! Here is an excerpt from her bio:

I really like what she said about how she "can't stop her brain from spinning"! A blessing and a curse that many artists can relate to! I'm beginning to think that it is a requirement! I know there are several nights and early mornings that I wish I could just shut down for even a minute! 

Here are a few pieces from the website that I fell in love with:

For the wee ones
The Lacey Tank

The Tanna Linen Dress

The Frankie Dress

For the Mommas
The Haley Halter Dress

The Cher Dress

The Macey Skirt

The Natalie Skirt

All information on hosting a party and trunk show can be found on their website. Also, be sure to check out the company's blog for updates and additional information!

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Colett (*.*) said...

Oh man, I really need to learn to sew


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