Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Puppet Theatre Tutorial

I checked out Hancock Fabric's big sale the other day. Very dangerous! Everything is marked so low that it was hard to control myself! There are a lot of really great fabrics on clearance right now! If you want to check it out, I was told that the sale will be going on until July 7th. This fabric in particular caught my eye:
(P.S. it feels more like a canvas instead of polyester)

So what does one do with 2 yards of red and white stripe, outdoor fabric? 
I use a portion of it to make a puppet theatre, of course!
I think this puppet theatre would be cute in any fabric, really. I am just a little enamored with stripes and anything circus themed right now so, naturally, I opted for that route. I thought about doing a more detailed tutorial, but I found that it was mainly just taking a few measurements and simply hemming all the sides. It was so simple that I just thought I would make a key for you to go off:

These measurements are for a standard 32" doorway. If your doorway measures differently, you will need to adjust the width of the fabric (see letter A) which will also result in a different length of your peak (see letter c).
(sorry, I have not yet invested in photoshop, so this is blog drawing is very elementary!)
A = This measurement is your doorway's width - remember to add an inch for a seam allowance
B = 46"
C = Find the center of your fabric and measure up from where your window is - or will be, then fold sides in all the way down to almost the top of the window to make a peak. See photo below.
D = 20" 
E = 12" 
F = 20" - This too may vary with the doors width


A total of 3 tension curtain rods will be used to hold your theatre in the doorway. After you have cut out your fabric and hemmed all the sides, including your window, you will need to add 2 pole pockets on the back. 1 right above the window and the other right below the window.
(I purchased my rods at Walmart for $2.50 ea.)

You will also need to attach a ring large enough for your 3rd tension rod to fit through, on the top of the peak to hang your puppet theater.

Additional details I added:
A pocket to hold a flag which I made from felt and a chopstick

A felt scallop banner to the bottom and top of the window to hide stitching for pole pockets

Thanks for stopping in! If you decide to make one, I would love to see pics of your project! Have fun!


{natalie} said...

you are so clever. i love the stripes and the scallops. i bet e will love this new spot to play.

katherine said...

oh amy. this is just fantastic. you are so dang clever!

Tia said...

Amy, this is SO cute. I love it and I think it might be easy enough for me to do it!! Such a great idea, thanks.

elsabags said...

i'm thinking we start a mommy diy club & this should be our first project! what do you think?


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