Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nothing to "Mock" At

I am back from vacation (only for a short time!) and am ready to get this thing rolling again! I still have yet to unpack, do the laundry and feel settled. Coming back home after a long vacation kind of wipes me out! I may need a few days to get back into the crafty groove again and feeling motivated. Reading blogs is helping! While catching up on a few of my favorites, I stumbled upon these handmade moccasins. Dear husband, if you are reading this (yeah, right!) please add a pair of these to my wish list! 
The Darlingtonia Moccasin Co. is the brainchild of artist/photographer and leather genius extraordinaire, Katie. She says, "After growing tired of the handful of drab moccasin choices on the market I set off to create stylish, fun and functional moccasins I wanted to wear. With my accumulated crafting, sewing and design knowledge I created Darlingtonia Moccasin Company & the moccasins you see here."
All Darlingtonia moccasins are handmade, which means the leather is cut, punched, stitched and woven together by her...and her antique Singer sewing machine. Visit her Etsy shop and take a look around. Surely there will be something your heart desires! Or, you can drop by her blog and see just what is on her busy mind that day.

P.S. She has also started making leather belts complete with a dainty and delicate bow!



I've been eyeing (and admiring) these around the blogosphere for a little while now and I think I must own a pair ... the only problem ... I just can't seem to pick a favorite pair - I like 'em all!


{natalie} said...

those mocs are awesome.

i'm glad you are back, even if for a short while.

i've missed your blog.

Rachel said...

These are beautiful! Great for the fastly approaching fall weather!


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