Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One Inspiring Father - Joel Henriques

Gosh, here I was thinking that I was doing a great job by letting my child watch Nick Jr. - "It's like preschool on TV" until I bumped into this blog. Allow me to introduce you to the man that has changed the face of the crafting blog world and has also taken it by storm. My friend Nicole posted one of his crafts on her blog awhile ago and I have been hooked on his blog ever since! Joel Henriques of Made By Joel, pretty much does it all, people! He sews, he embroiders, he is a wood worker, an artist, a genious and most importantly - a wicked awesome Dad! The crafts and art projects Joel features on his blog are most often geared toward children. Joel's 2 darlings are the inspiration for his work, and what 2 lucky darlings they are for getting so many great handmade treasures, games and toys from their father! He is dedicated to bringing natural, simple, hands on and educational fun to his home and he really is someone we should all tip our hats to. Be sure to check him out  - and let me just warn you, it is impossible not to smile when seeing how delighted his children are while playing with their creations!
Here are some of my favorite art projects that are featured on his blog:

Modern Doll House (with handmade modern furniture to boot!)

Joel also is nice enough to provide his readers with free templates to download! Be sure to scroll his site for some good, free fun for your kiddos!


Madeline said...

I love the modern doll house! Thanks for sharing this resource.

elsabags said...

Yes! I'm glad you remembered Joel. He's amazing. Adam & I are going to try & make our doll house for the girls because of him. Hope it works out.

P.S. Miss you


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