Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DIY Faux Porcelain Leaves

Stark white porcelain and ceramic is all the rage right now. It's no wonder with it's sterile feel and subtle dimensions. It's a dream come true for the monochromatic type and also for people like me who are thrilled to see an age old trade made contemporary and classy. 

Did you catch the Host+Hostess section in West Elm? See? Told you! 

Even Esty shops are popping up with the milky merchandise
1. Whitney Smith                  5. Oenopia 
2. Wendy Jung                      6. White Earth Studio
3. Revisions                           7. Maap Studio   
4. Magalerie                           8. Alyssa Ettinger

Sooooo...when I came across a DIY faux porcelain leaves tutorial by Anna over at Take the Side Street using plaster of Paris, I was hooked! I followed her steps and made myself some pretty white leaves to adorn my walls! I would like to say that this garland would be great for Thanksgiving, but to tell you the truth, it's staying up all year long! I do have one bit of advise to add to her already great tutorial, however. I used a spray paint (Krylon) primer on all my leaves (front and back - 2 coats). This REALLY helped with the bleeding of the dye on the leaves and also made them less fragile and flimsy. You can find Anna's tutorial and list of materials here and make one for yourself too! 

(I also added some pine cones that I had collected from a recent camping trip!)

Best thing about this craft is that it cost me only $7.00:
Plaster of Paris - $2.99
Krylon Spray Primer in white - $3.00
Silk Leaves - $1.00

Thanks Anna for this great tip! You are one clever gal! 

Loved your visit! Until next time...


Anna @ Take the Side Street said...

Beautiful! The primer is a great idea, you get a gold star sticker for coming up with such an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing my link, and I'm so glad your garland turned out so well. It looks great!

Sarah said...

LOVE this! Going to give it a try, for sure!

steph said...

I love how understated and elegant the leaves look. Thanks for the link!

katherine said...

AMY!! well done, this is such a pretty project!! thanks for sharing!!

Moe said...

these are great! I do love the porcelain look.

Popping by from Chic on a Shoestring. I'll have to try this :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea!!! Looks like a project straight out of Pottery Barn. I'm featuring you on my favorite finds from the TT&J weekend wrap up :)

magalerie said...

Beautiful garland !
Thanks for the tip.
And thanks a lot for featuring my "Keep Calm" photo :)

Minu said...

One word - "Awesome"


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