Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beehive Bazaar Goodies!

Oh joy! As I mentioned before, 'tis the season for winter art and craft shows! It makes me gitty just thinking about it! This weekend my precious and sacred spare time will be spent at this year's winter Beehive Bazaar. I am counting down the hours until it starts! And when it does, it starts with a bang!  There is a raging VIP party on Thursday night starting at 9:00 - with a small admission fee of $4.00. And guess who will be helping you check out at the registers? ME! If you are in the area, please come and support this incredible show and stop by the checkout counter and say "hello"! 

I know, I know - not all of you can attend these markets but you can still check out the goods via the vendor's Etsy shops or blogs! Isn't modern day technology wonderful? 

I am really looking forward to seeing what Suzanna Clements with Sorry Clementine has at the show! After strolling her Esty shop, I am in totally in love with a lot of her pieces. Check out that collar - so lovely! I think her mix of fabric is excellent! Especially this one and also this one! Her prices are pretty exceptional, as well! 

Please sign me up for one of these! Ironing may just be the bane of my existence, so adding a little flair like this pretty ironing board cover by Paula Hogan with Compelled to Craft may just be my answer to happier steam presses! 

Angela Flicker with The Artists House has done a pretty good job at blowing me away! Her sewing skills are above and beyond impressive! Her work is flawless and her attention to detail is impeccable! I can't wait to visit her booth and I will try my best to keep my drool from pooling on the floor. 

Is there a baby in the house? There isn't in mine and it makes me a little sad because now I don't have an excuse to buy these Freshly Picked baby mocs handmade by Susan. Maybe one day she'll make them in a women's size 7.5 and I'll gladly wear them around town making grown women cry with envy. 

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? How about a green one? Then you better check out Sycamore Street Press! Eva and the gang (Kristin, Stephanie and Amy) at SSP make the most beautiful paper goods and have taken letterpress printing and design to a new level - their products are printed on 100% recycled cotton paper made from garment remnants and they also use soy based inks! 

Annily Green makes these incredibly cool clutches to hold all that I need: Debit card, phone and red lipstick! Her designs are modern and innovative with parallelogram shapes and vibrant colors. Her talent doesn't stop there - she also makes some killer pillows and canvas wall art! 

Hope to see all you locals this weekend! 

Loved your visit! Until next time....


{natalie} said...

I hope to see you there tomorrow night!

Angela Flicker: The Art of Making a House a Home in Utah said...

I kept meaning to stop by your blog and say hello --but then the holidays happened ;) Happy new year to you and your family. And thanks for the nice mention in this post. I look forward to seeing more of you in 2011.


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