Monday, October 25, 2010

DIY Club Halloween Style

Last week our DIY Club had another successful evening! The club was on hiatus for the summer with all the ladies being so busy, so it was refreshing to all get together again and make something for Halloween! This month's craft came straight from the pages of The Graphics Fairy. The author of the blog, Karen, had posted some Halloween images that she printed straight onto fabric using her computer printer. We decided to do it with a different method, while still achieving the same outcome. Nicole was once again the host for the club and she taught us all about the art of screen printing! She made screens with the Halloween images on them and we were able to not only make a great craft that evening, but learn about a new trade as well! I am now obsessing over buying a Yudu machine and wondering how I will ever afford one!

These are what we set out to make that night! (we painted our hoops black just to add a little something extra!) You can check out Karen's fabric art tutorial here.

Nicole (on the right) teaching me the trick to the trade. She was soooo patient and helpful!

Each room was filled with dozens of small little squares of muslin and linen. 

While some people were cutting their fabric, others were printing. While some people were waiting for their ink to dry, other's were ironing. The house was in constant motion and it was so fun see and be a part of!

A few of the girl's also did the wooden plaque tutorial that I posted last week. Kari and Ande are hard at work cutting out their graphics and hoping there is a light at the end of the exacto knife tunnel! Patience is a virtue, my friends!

Do any of you belong to a DIY club? Do you have a Yudu machine? Have you made some cool Halloween stuff this year? Did anyone else think that this month FLEW by?!

Loved your visit! Until next time....


Joan said...

They are great. Thank you for the bat. He will become a pillow I think. Don't you love the owl on the Graphics Fairy site? You need a machine and then make me one of those too.

elsabags said...
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elsabags said...

love these pics! i'll have to steal some of them for my blog.

thanks for being so helpful!

LuckyStarHeather said...

I have a Yudu, but I haven't had a ton of success with it. I'd love to know any tricks she used to get such great looking images from it! They look really good. <3


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